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Do you want to raise money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers?

If you are film club, an individual, a group of people, a sports club or whoever, and you want to help Scotty’s Little Soldiers, then why not show one of our films to your local community!

Our British Board of Film Classification classified films will be available with a special theatrical license, granting the licensee permission to charge a fee to anyone who watches the film.  

The funds raised from the showing of the films will be directly passed on to Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

The license comes with a DVD/BluRay copy of the film as well as a digital marketing pack which includes posters, flyers and press release templates, to help you let your local community know about your fundraiser.  

Individuals can either show the film in their own home and charge their friends and family, or they could hire a church/community hall and show the film there.  

Full details of our first feature film release is on Our Projects page.

Lighthouse Entertainment CIC is a Community Interest Company.

We will be supporting any good cause that we feel meets our company’s ethos.

 This year we will be supporting Scotty’s Little Soldiers  which is a charity dedicated to  children who  have  lost a parent while serving in the British Armed  Forces.

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